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A New Horror Game Is Under Development

Sep 25, 2021

Just started my new game development project for months now. Learning and trying my best to develop an exciting horror game! 
I am still thinking about a great name for this new project. Any suggestions and recommendations are welcomed.
Stay tuned for the updates! Stay safe!

Image by m wrona
Game Designer

Mobile & Video Games

Working towards my goal to build my own games and mobile app, making them available to the public.

In 2019, Graduated and obtained BSc in Computing Science.

In 2020, Published 1-2 self-coded mobile apps on Google Store.

In 2021, Coding, plotting, designing and gathering materials to develop a PC horror game. 

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Cartoon & Animation

Making a character alive and a story interesting are my favourite hobbies to do during my childhood. 

In 2014, Became a self-taught digital artist in pursuit of perfection.

In 2015, Creator and Designer of LINE Stickers Collection called "Nerdy Llama".

In 2016, Artwork featured and recognized by well-known Taiwanese Art Community. 

In 2020, Opened a design store on Etsy called "HaHeeMi". 

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Anime Sketch